Come join the fun at one of Judy’s TRX classes!

Judy teaches TRX every Monday and Wednesday night at 6:00 pm. Come on in and join the fun. Click on this post to see a video of a class in action.

Finish Line Fitness Leads Class at Athleta Store in Deer Park

Sabrina taught a little kickboxing

Then Kama lead a bootcamp class

Trung finished off with some Yoga.

Click on the post to see videos of the action.

Free in store class at the Athleta Store in Deer Park, Feb 4, 9:00 am


Turn up your workout with a fun mash-up led by experts from Finish Line Fitness! Plus enter to win a pair of high performance Sculptek or Sonar Capris!  Saturday February 4th @ 9 am.

Finish Line Fitness Holiday Giving Campaign


Finish Line Fitness Holiday Giving

Finish Line Fitness has a lot to be grateful for this Holiday Season. We’ve had a great start with our studio and we are fortunate to have great friends and clients. In the holiday spirit of giving we would like to help some others that may not be so fortunate. We have selected the 4 charities below, that have meaning to us and some of our clients, to try and help. From now until our Holiday Bash on December 15th, we will be collecting donations for these charities at the studio. Finish Line Fitness will match whatever donations we receive, up to $1,000 per charity ($4,000 in total). We will have donation collection boxes for each charity at the studio, if you are so inclined, please join us in helping these great causes.

logo-header-foldsofhonor lurie-childrens-hospital-logo4american_diabetes_association_logologo


Workout Challenge of the Week – Week 2 Challenge

Here is our week 2 Challenge, watch the video to see the challenge and then comment on this post with how many rounds you were able to complete in 10 minutes.

Workout Challenge of the Week – Week 1 Challenge

This weeks challenge is a push up challenge. You start by doing one full push up, and then go back to the down position of the push up and hold for 1 second ( Count 1001). Then you do two full push ups and then return to the down position of the push up and hold for two full seconds (Count 1001, 1002). You continue this pattern until you do ten full push ups and hold for 10 seconds in the down position of the push up. No rest in between. See the video below for how it’s done and then try it yourself and let us know how far you get by posting in the comments. Good luck and have fun!