Workout Challenge of the Week – Week 2 Challenge

Here is our week 2 Challenge, watch the video to see the challenge and then comment on this post with how many rounds you were able to complete in 10 minutes.

Workout Challenge of the Week – Week 1 Challenge

This weeks challenge is a push up challenge. You start by doing one full push up, and then go back to the down position of the push up and hold for 1 second ( Count 1001). Then you do two full push ups and then return to the down position of the push up and hold for two full seconds (Count 1001, 1002). You continue this pattern until you do ten full push ups and hold for 10 seconds in the down position of the push up. No rest in between. See the video below for how it’s done and then try it yourself and let us know how far you get by posting in the comments. Good luck and have fun!

We’re Open!

Great news, we were able to pick-up our certificate of occupancy and business license from the Village today, so we are open for business. Yeah!!!!. We will begin our classes tomorrow. Here is a link to the class schedule. We look forward to seeing you all, bring a friend or two to class with you. Can’t wait to see you in the studio.
Judy & Kama

Fitness + Friends = Fun!

Final Inspections Completed

Last week we had all of the final inspections for the build-out of our studio and everything passed. The final step is for the Village to give us our Certificate of Occupancy which should happen next week. We are going to try to push to get it as early as possible. We will let you know as soon as we have it and we will be open the day after we get it. We hope you will all stop by and check out the new studio. We think it turned out great!
Fitness + Friends = Fun