Kama Shaar

ADSC_9511Kama Shaar
Fitness Director, Trainer and Instructor

Kama is an experienced Personal Trainer and Group Ex Instructor having worked in the industry for over 16 years.  Always an athlete, Kama played both tennis and basketball at her alma mater, and was recently honored, being inducted into the Concord College Athletic Hall of Fame, specifically, for basketball.  Kama’s athletic background and competitive spirit are balanced with a Masters in Exercise Science & Cardiac Rehab, giving her a unique perspective and the ability to work with all levels of fitness seekers.  She has a unique gift for motivating others to meet their goals in the gym.  Whether you’re an elite athlete or just warming up to the idea of working out, you’ll find Kama’s training sessions are lively, on target and always evolving.  She is passionate about creating a personalized and precise plan to improve your strength, stamina and overall well-being.  Fitness is a way of life for this energetic, former collegiate athlete and mother of two.  Her training philosophy is simple – “If it’s fun, it’ll seem like less work.  I will train you hard but safe, to keep you active, motivated and addicted to working out.”